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Connecting you

With over 60 years experience in the railway infrastructures signalling, we can ensure an optimum reliability for our connectors …

Aluminium connectors for signalling devices, fitted for over 20 years under trains, tramways, subways, …

Series of connectors highly appreciated by users of military tactical communication networks across the world …

Reliable, durable, compact and innovative connectors used since 2008 in France and abroad for instrumentation and control of Nuclear Power Plants …

We are able to work on custom made solutions, matching your specifications. We support you from the requirements definition, to the design and qualification …

Our product lines

EB24 Series

EB24 Series

Aluminium connectors with anti-vibration locking system and 19 contacts, used for the connections under the trains, subways, and tramways.


NU25 Series

Stainless steel bayonet lock electrical connectors for Nuclear Instrumentation and Control.

CMA Series

CMA Series

Stainless steel push-pull connectors for military tactical communication networks and data transfer.


425 Series

Stainless steel bayonet lock connectors for military tactical communication networks and data transfer.

EB27 Series

EB27 Series

Polycarbonate connectors with axial screw locking system, used for the Eurobalise beacon.

Human-scale company with international scope, involved in today’s and tomorrow’s environmental challenges. We are committed to support our customers all along their projects with adaptability and responsiveness.

They trust us