Connections for Electromechanical Detectors

Connections for Electromechanical Detectors

This series of polycarbonate connectors has been designed together with the SNCF to connect various kinds of Electromechanical Detectors (CAUTOR, FORFEX, PAULVE), but also for DANITRA and SFIM applications.

Equipped with 6 Ø3 mm solder contacts, the receptacles are sold pre-wired to systems integrators and mechanisms manufacturers.

The plugs can either be equipped with a standard key locking system or with an anti-vandalism locking system, involving the use of a specific key to enable the unmating. They are supplied wired to the various rail networks, with a defined length of SCNV-S 6×1 mm² cable (6 m in standard length, other specific lengths on request).

To ensure low contact resistances and an unequalled resistance to vibrations, the contacts used are nickel-gold plated hermaphroditic contacts, patented by SAIB Connectique, and complying with the requirements of standard NF F 61-030.

More than 40 years of feedback without any malfunction reflect the reliability of this technology.

Examples of applications :