NU25 Series


For use in harsh environments (radiation, earthquakes, etc.), these RCCE-E K2 / K3 classified stainless steel bayonet lock connectors have been designed for electrical control and instrumentation applications in nuclear power plants, from the conventional island to the nuclear island. A specific NU25 ATEX version, complying with European Parliament directive 2014/34/EU, is even dedicated for use in explosive atmospheres (II 2G Ex eb IIC T4 to T6 Gb).

The NU25 connectors are available in two sizes equipped with either 3 or 7 crimp contacts. The 360° continuous shielding, compliant with the requirements of RCC-E 2005, 2012 and 2016, provides a reduction effect of around 50 dB at 1 MHz.

Redesigned in 2008 and based on the NF L 54-120 standard, our design benefits from more than 30 years of feedback from both instrument manufacturers and on-site power plant end users. 

In addition to reducing lead times and facilitating the procurement, our series offers the technical advantages of making the receptacles mounting easier and simplifying the wiring of the plugs. The sealing of the plugs has also been reinforced by an adhesive heat-shrink sleeve, which ensures an efficiency over time that cannot be guaranteed by a cable gland.

Reliable, durable, compact and innovative, our NU25 connectors are supplied in France and abroad, for the existing NPP fleet maintenance or for the Nuclear New Build (EPR, Hualong-1 reactors, etc.).

Examples of applications :