Connections for Switching motors

Switching motors

These nickel-plated brass connectors have been designed together with the SNCF and the manufacturers of railroad switches motors.

They are equipped with 11 solder contacts, Ø 4 mm, allowing wires from 0,5 mm² to 1,5 mm² cross-sectional area.

The receptacles are supplied not wired to the various switching motors manufacturers, while the plugs are supplied wired to the different rail networks, using SCG-S 11×1 or NY500-S0 cable.

The plug/receptacle connection is made by a threaded nut. The connectors delivered constitute a complete set, blanking plug included.

To ensure low contact resistances and an unequalled resistance to vibrations, the contacts used are nickel-gold plated hermaphroditic contacts, patented by SAIB Connectique, and complying with the requirements of standard NF F 61-030.

More than 40 years of feedback without any malfunction reflect the reliability of this technology.

Examples of applications :