Connectors for Tramways ground-level power supply systems

Connections for Tramways ground-level power supply systems

These polycarbonate connectors have been designed according to the end customer’s specifications, for the control box controlling the trams’ ground-level power supply. 

The set is composed of 4 male-female pairs of connectors, each of them featuring a foolproof connection system with mechanical and visual keying/coding devices to prevent mismating.

They are fitted with 3, 6 or 10 contacts, to be soldered or with through-hole termination, allowing to accept wires from 0,5 mm² to 4 mm² cross-sectional area. 

To achieve a high reliability level, ensure low contact resistances and an unequalled resistance to vibrations, the contacts used are nickel-gold plated hermaphroditic contacts, patented by SAIB Connectique, and complying with the requirements of standard NF F 61-030. 

Examples of applications :