621VJ Series

621VJ Series

These polycarbonate connectors are available with 9, 18 or 19 crimp contacts and are particularly suitable for connecting SPFB and SPFU cables, with 0,5 mm² conductors.

The coupling is obtained by a ¼ turn locking ring with notches, anti-vibration.

Several decades of feedback allow us to guarantee a very high level of reliability. Their main advantages: robustness, lightness, and no corrosion.

To achieve such reliability level, ensure low contact resistances and an unequalled resistance to vibrations, the contacts used are nickel-gold plated hermaphroditic contacts, patented by SAIB Connectique, and complying with the requirements of standard NF F 61-030. They are also equipped with an individual insulating sleeve to guarantee insulation even in the presence of humidity.

Examples of applications :