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Connections for traffic detectors

This serie of connectors has been developed with the SNCF to connect different models of Traffic Detectors, CAUTOR, FORFEX and PAULVE as well as the DANITRA and SFIM applications.

These connectors are fitted with 6 hermaphroditic solder type contacts of Ø 3, nickel plated.

The receptacles are sold pre-wired to the various mechanism integrators, manufacturers.

The plugs are fitted with a tamper-proof system calling for a special key in order to be disconnected. They are sold wired to the different rail networks in the form of one end harnesses of defined lengths with SCNV-S 6x1 mm2 cable (6 metres as standard, specific lengths on request).

These connections benefit from feedback of over 25 years with no dysfunctions.

Download data sheet DT1002 

SAIB Connectique, the specific development leader, designs and produces electrical connectors for applications in harsh environments where reliability is the top priority.

We also produce specific connections to customer requirements (wiring receptacles or harnesses).

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