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Quality is a prerequisite for our customers. It is therefore naturally one of the pillars of the company, both in terms of organisation and product quality.

SAIB Connectique is ISO 9001 certified, Version 2008 and ATEX certified for extensions 258-103-411 & 258-207-411.

We are also a qualified supplier to:

SNCF for infrastructure signalling connectors

ALSTOM Transport for infrastructure signalling and rolling stock connectors.

EDF for K2 classified instrumentation connectors of nuclear power stations.

ISO 9001 version 2008

EDF Certificate

ATEX Certificate



Although not ISO 14001 certified, for many years now the entire personnel works to the good operating practices of the standard.

All our rejects are subject to controlled waste management.

SAIB Connectique adheres to the European REACH directive. As a downstream user, we have carried out the necessary procedures with our suppliers and continue to do so. The components we use in significant quantities are not currently listed (end of 2012).

All our products also adhere to the RoHS directive both in terms of surface treatment and solders. We continue to solder our contacts with lead tin as our soldered connectors form part of the exceptions laid down in the appendix of the directive meant for "infrastructure equipment for communication, signalling, transmission as well as management of networks for telecommunication".



Our new plant has been built as per the THPE (very high energy performance) rules incorporating for instance:

- Reinforced insulation of offices and workshop

- heating of our offices and a significant part of the workshop with a vertical geothermal system

- roof designed to optimise natural light from the north to minimize artificial lighting and heat in the summer

- a dual, drinking and non-drinking water network to optimise the resource.


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SAIB Connectique, the specific development leader, designs and produces electrical connectors for applications in harsh environments where reliability is the top priority.

We also produce specific connections to customer requirements (wiring receptacles or harnesses).

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