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The company 80 years of history


In 1932


Creation of SAIB (Société d’Applications Industrielles de Brest). The company started off as a design office for shipping equipment, specialising in the design of hermetic feedthroughs.

During the second world war, it moved its business to Saint Etienne.

In the fifties, SAIB focused its production on sealed electrical connectors. These metal connectors were essentially designed for the military market for communication and power cable connections.

1960’s and 1970's



To bolster its offer, SAIB developed different ranges of polycarbonate connectors. The company then integrated plastic injection and mould production expertise.

These new products enabled SAIB to rank itself on the railway infrastructure market thanks to work in close liaison with the SNCF (French railways). From that point, our connectors, fitted out with hermaphroditic contacts (patented by SAIB), boasted high resistance to harsh environments. They continue today to represent a significant competitive edge.



Thanks to its experience, SAIB extended its offer of connectors for railway signalling applications especially by designing connectors for different types of traffic detectors or switching motors.






Thanks to its great reactivity and the reliability of its connectors for railway signalling systems, SAIB stood out from the competitors by developing innovative and competitive products.

Creation of 2 connector ranges dedicated to the ALSTOM Eurobalise system which is one of the levels of the ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System):

- Polycarbonate connectors for the beacon which is positioned between the tracks.

- Aluminium connectors for the antenna, located under the trains, underground trains and trams.

From 2005


SAIB became SAIB Connectique. The buy-up of the company in March 2005 was to pave the way into a new expansion phase.

With extensive experience and further reactivity, SAIB Connectique became a high flyer in nuclear instrumentation connectors, by becoming the first connector manufacturer qualified by EDF (French electricity board) for the EPR nuclear reactor with its NU25 range.

Our expertise in railways meant we were able to win a new contract with ALSTOM for the design and execution of control connectors for ground-level power supply of trams.



In 2011


To stay in tune with this expansion phase, SAIB Connectique moved into new premises in La Talaudière (close to Saint Etienne).


SAIB Connectique, the specific development leader, designs and produces electrical connectors for applications in harsh environments where reliability is the top priority.

We also produce specific connections to customer requirements (wiring receptacles or harnesses).

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