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Connectors Polycarbonate connectors

Polycarbonate connectors

These connectors were initially designed for railway infrastructure signalling systems. They can, therefore, be used for numerous applications in severe environments.

Several tens of years of feedback enable us to guarantee a very high level of reliability.

The main advantages are: sturdinesslightweight and corrosion-free.

In order to obtain this level of reliability, they are fitted with hermaphroditic contacts which benefit from a European patent and are nickel or gold-plated according to the applications.

They can be made with polycarbonate meeting with requirement 2 of the NF F 16-101 and 102 standards.

EB27 212 connectors,
2 to 12 contacts


61 series Connectors,
2 to 5 contacts


IF27 104 connectors,
2 to 4 contacts


61V series connectors,
2 to 5 contacts


60VJ series connectors,
7, 15, 29 contacts

621VJ series connectors,
9 to 19 contacts


SAIB Connectique, the specific development leader, designs and produces electrical connectors for applications in harsh environments where reliability is the top priority.

We also produce specific connections to customer requirements (wiring receptacles or harnesses).

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